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2nd-Jul-2015 11:24 pm - [Drabble] "Hold Me Closer" [G]
Title: Hold Me Closer
Prompt: writerverse challenge #34 quick fic amnesty, prompt ‘waltz’
Word Count: 100
Rating: G
Original/Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Pairings: Sam Carter/Jack O’Neill
Summary: “Hey, Carter. Dance with me?”
Note(s): originally posted to the writerverse wv_library

Link(s): on LJ & on AO3
Start Dreaming
Author: Kimberley Jackson
Title: Stargate Aschen
Category: AU, Romance, Adventure
Pairing: Sam/Jack
Rating: R or MA (for violence, sexual situations, adult themes)

A Science-Fiction/Adventure Romance.

In the year 799 (Aschen calender), Earth is a colony under strict reign by an oppressive Aschen government. The Aschen have turned humans into slaves, and seized control over the entire planet, including the Stargate--a device that allows them to form a wormhole and travel thousands of light years across the galaxy to their home planet within seconds.

Humanity is at the brink of extinction. Due to advanced Aschen medicine human lifespan has almost tripled, but most of the human population is born infertile. Only a small percent of humans are so-called gifted ones, who are able to conceive/father children. Strict rules apply to these gifted ones, as the Aschen government wants to uphold the human population.

Samantha Carter is 25 years old. She has just come of age and undergoes her first fertility tests. When her tests turn out positive, her life is about to take a dramatic turn for the worse. Unwilling to accept a forced marriage and life in a breeding facility under Aschen control, she runs away from home to find the resistance and fight for the freedom of Earth as well as her own.

As she meets Jack O'Neill, camp leader of resistance Cell 4, neither of them realizes they are bound together by more than the mutual goal to free Earth from Aschen reign. Side by side, they fight to liberate their world from the oppression of an alien race, using a second, secret Stargate found almost a century before in the Antarctica forests...

Note: Although this work borrows characters and concepts from the television show Stargate SG-1, this work stands on its own and is independent from the television show.

11th-Mar-2015 11:18 pm - [Drabble] "Geeks in Love" [G]
Title: Geeks in Love
Author: Ami Ven
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Pairing: Sam Carter/Jack O'Neill
Genre: het.
Prompt: 100_tales #097 ‘writer’s choice’ (‘technobabble’)
Rating: G
Word Count: 300
Summary: “Smantha Carter, are you oogling me while I’m adjusting the focal length of this telescope?”

Link(s): on LJ & on AO3
9th-Mar-2015 11:09 pm - [Drabble] "Home Again" [G]
Title: Home Again
Author: Ami Ven
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Pairing: Sam Carter/Jack O'Neill
Genre: het.
Prompt: 100_tales #097 ‘writer’s choice’ (‘homecoming’)
Rating: G
Word Count: 350
Setting: immediately after Atlantis season 4
Summary: They’re both back home again.

Link(s): on LJ & on AO3
12th-Jan-2015 11:27 pm - [Drabble] "General A.J.'s Office" [G]
Title: General A.J.’s Office
Prompt: writerverse challenge #02 September table of doom
Line Used: “So out came the brooms and buckets and in went Missis, to her great satisfaction.” (The One Hundred and One Dalmatians by Dodie Smith, page 22)
Word Count: 219
Rating: G
Original/Fandom: Stargate SG-1 (part of my future!verse, but can be read alone)
Pairings: Sam Carter/Jack O’Neill
Summary: “Carter, why is our daughter in the closet?”
Note(s): originally posted to the writerverse wv_library

Link(s): on LJ & on AO3
12th-Jan-2015 09:10 am - Appologies
hate you
So, some of these modded posts are a little old and I apologize.
That being said, however, if LJ would be a little more on the ball with their email notifications (just got one last night only to find 3 things in the queue, not 1.) this wouldn't be such an issue.
16th-May-2014 06:16 pm - Sam & Jack Multimedia Awards 2014
Perfect Man
Announcing an exciting new event for the Sam & Jack community!
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Wisdom - Native American
Author: Kimberley Jackson
Title: Beneath Perceived Realities
Category: Romance, Missing Scene
Episode: 4x10 Beneath the Surface
Pairing: Sam/Jack, Jonah/Thera
Rating: R (sexual situations)
Summary: Here, in the shadows of their crumbling existence, among the pieces of a shattered world in the deep of the night when everyone else is asleep, they have each other… A missing scene for Beneath the Surface.
6th-Jan-2015 07:30 am - Tok'ra Kree! Round 6 - Claiming

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Tok'ra Kree! is a Stargate 'verse Prompt-A-Thon for fanfic and fanart focusing on the Tok'ra from Stargate SG-1.
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