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Sam & Jack @ livejournal.com
whoa, you guys are really helping me out! thanks a  lot. … 
20th-Jun-2006 05:11 pm
Dragon - scuse me?

whoa, you guys are really helping me out! thanks a  lot. 
keep'em coming if you have any!
the list already has doubled

this is what I  (with the help of lots and lots of others) have so far:

season 1
- their first meeting in 'children of the gods'
- jack's reaction to the dress sam's wearing in 'emancipation'
- jack's determination to get her back in 'emancipation'
- the the hug in 'into the fire'
- the maybe too forced kiss in 'the broca divide'
- the reason for his fight with daniel in 'the broca divide'
- at the end of 'the broca divide', jack's tank top comment
- the oh so disappointed looks in 'brief candle'
- their hug in 'fire and water'
- the elevator ride in 'singularity'
- the sharing of body heat in 'solitudes'
- the hug in 'there but for the grace of god'
- jack's reaction to the knowledge that he and sam were engaged in another reality in 'politics'

season 2
- jack's look  when sam is wheeled into the infirmary after the ashrak incident in 'in the line of duty'
- jack's refusal to leave her side when the ashrak tries to escape in 'in the line of duty'
- sam's look when jack's pinned to the wall in 'message in a bottle'
- sam taking jack's hand in 'message in a bottle'
- in 'out of mind' when jack wakes up sam and he stares at all the skin exposed as she gets up
- in 'out of mind' when he pulls her against him while they hide from the jaffa
- in 'out of mind', while they hide from the jaffa, his hand moves from her mouth to her throat

season 3
- in 'into the fire' when jack wakes up from hin 'unblending' with the larva and they hug (for a very very very long time)
- sam's promotion and jack's interupted speech in 'fair game'
- UA sam en jack's marriage
- jack and UA sam's kiss
- the look on our sam's face when she sees UA sam kiss jack
- sam confesses she misses him in 'a hundred days'
- the look at the end of 'a hundred days'
- jack's apology at the end of 'shades of grey'
- in 'nemesis' when he asks her to go fishing an she says no, only to run after him when he leaves (and then gets beamed up by thor)

season 4
- in 'small victories' when he asks her through the mignifying glass "what'ye doing and and the smile she puts on
- in 'small vicories' when she runs after him again when he leaves
- the look she gives him (like she does want to go with him) in 'small victories' when she tells him to have fun
- their moment in upgrades when she's trapped behind the force shield and he won't leave
- a number of moments in 'devide and conquer' 
- the kiss and smirk in 'window of oportunity'
- the remember feeling feelings moment in 'beneath the surface'
- the realisation who they are at the end of 'beneath the surface'
- sam's visit to jack's cabin in '2010'
- when jack shoots her in 'entity'
- when she wakes up in 'entity'

season 5
jack's concerned that sam's working too hard and that she's tense in 'ascension'
- jack offers he could hang out for a while at her house in case her ascended friend comes back in 'ascension'
- he jealous when he finds out she has company for dinner in 'ascension'
- jack's concern that sam went missing in 'desperate measures'
- when the crystals explode in 'failsafe' and Sam goes down, Jack goes to her and helps her stand up when she's still dizzy from the fall 
- sam disobeys jack's order to leave the force shield up in order to save his life in 'the sentinel'
- sam and jack go off-base together in 'revelations'

season 6
- when she asks him to take the symbiote in 'frozen'
- when she's crying in the lockeroom in 'paradise lost'
- she rests against his shoulder in 'metamorphosis'
- their reaction (jack gets awkward and sam grins)  when skaara asks jack and sam if they'll be coming to his wedding together

- when he informs her he's going after daniel in 'evolution'pt1
- at the end of 'evolution' pt2 before they go lunch (together)
- the locker room scene in 'Grace' when jack's upset because sam's missing
- the kiss in 'grace'
- the end of 'grace'
- sam's need to explain to jack her relationship with pete in 'chimera'
- their awkward moment in the elevator in 'chimera' 
- she rests against his shoulder at the end of 'death knell'
- the hug in 'heroes'
- when she visits him in 'lost city' pt1
- in 'lost city' pt2 when she wants to explain what she wanted to say at his house and  he tells her "I know"
- the end of 'lost city' pt2

- when sam gets promoted in 'new order' pt2 and he calls her to come up the ramp
- in 'zero hour' when jack puts his hands on jack's shoulder, they both realize it at the same time and awkwardly step back
- when she talks to him about pete's ring in 'affinity'
- the look they give each other when jack's leans over her to stare at the screen in 'geminy'
- jack's "if only" when replicator sam tell them thehe are two sam's
- replicator sam's distress when fifth made her shoot jack
- their phone conversation at the beginning of 'citizen joe'
- jack and joe's conversaation when joe mentions "them" in 'citizen joe'
- a number of moments in threads
- the end of 'moebius' pt2

- when agent barret asks if she's now single again and she replies "not exactly" in 'ex deus machina'

 just a short despription, so I know what you're talking about and the ep.

I'm planning on doing something with it, but don't know exaclty what yet.

thanks guys!
20th-Jun-2006 03:42 pm (UTC)
Sam's 'not exactly' to Agent Barrett in the second? ep she's in in season 9.

AU Sam&Jack's marriage/Jack&AU Sam's kiss/Our Sam's face in Point of View. Season 3 I think?

There's soooo many more but I haven't watched SG1 in so long. :(
20th-Jun-2006 04:54 pm (UTC)
I haven't seen S9 yet, so I don't know any about that season.
and right, I knew I'd forgotten a AU ep. and it's S3: 'point of view'
20th-Jun-2006 03:49 pm (UTC)
At the end of 'Grace', when she wakes up and he's sitting there...
also very shippy!! :)
20th-Jun-2006 04:51 pm (UTC)
true. how could I forget it?!
20th-Jun-2006 05:26 pm (UTC)
- the kiss in 'grace'
- the end of 'grace'

Don't forget the locker room scene in "Grace" where Jack is upset and Teal'c comes in and tells him how Sam was upset when Jack had gone missing in "Paradise Lost". :)
20th-Jun-2006 05:48 pm (UTC)
Right, it was grace. I knew there was a locker room scene somwhere with jack, but I forgot which ep
20th-Jun-2006 05:32 pm (UTC)
How about in the eighth season episode "Citizen Joe" when Sam's coming into the room where Jack and Joe are talking and Joe says something about not mentioning... them. I thought that was very shippy.

Glad you're doing this. It helps me remember my favorite scenes. :)
20th-Jun-2006 05:50 pm (UTC)
have to watch that ep again, cos I can't remember it.

And I know, kind of makes you go all squeeing doesn't it?
20th-Jun-2006 05:54 pm (UTC)
I could suggest their meeting in 'the children of the gods' their obvious spark that had them arguing about her rank and abilities...the arm wrestle comment area.

If we are thinking of season 9 then ripple effect...many pointers there, the maternity leave, martouf saying someone else had won her heart...etc.

If I remember correctly there is one I think in the third episode after 'enemy within' in season one. I think it has to do with Jack saying the something about the dress.

Also 'broca divide' Jack's tank top comment. His disease induced fight with Daniel is shippyish...

Did someone mention the, I think it's 'Lost City Pt 2', it's the part where Sam is trying to tell Jack how she feels and he goes "I know"

You had 'Divide and Conquer' but you didn't mention 'Upgrades' which is the reason for 'Divide and Conquer's ending result.

I hope that's helped some...or if I've got them wrong I hope you can understand what I was on about... :-)

20th-Jun-2006 06:00 pm (UTC)
you've got a lot of moments!
thanks. you really helped the list :D
(no subject) - Anonymous - Expand
20th-Jun-2006 06:22 pm (UTC)
You got all the big ones, so here are a few little ones. :)

Season 1: "Children of the Gods" - "You'll like me once you get to know me." "Oh, I adore you already, Captain."

Season 1: "Politics," when Daniel tells them that Dr. Carter and Jack were engaged. Jack's reaction was great.. and then like five minutes later all he could say was, "Engaged? It's against regulations!"

Season 2: "In the Line of Duty," when they're wheeling Sam into the infirmary after the Ashrak incident, Jack kind of wipes at his eye like he's crying. And then he won't leave the room when the Ashrak is trying to escape--he just sends Teal'c.

Season 6: In "Full Circle," Skaara asks them if they'll be coming to his wedding together. Jack gets all awkward and walks away, and Sam and Skaara kind of grin at each other.

Season 8: I *think* it's "Zero Hour".. Jack puts his hands on Sam's shoulders while they're talking, and they both realize at the same time and it's all awkward and cute.
20th-Jun-2006 07:01 pm (UTC)
Oh, I LOVE that scene from Full Circle!! That was so cute. ^_^
20th-Jun-2006 07:11 pm (UTC)
In the Evolution 1 & 2 episodes in sason seven.

First the scene where Jack comes to tell Sam he's gonna go after Daniel so she has to take command of the mission. LOADS of intense eye!sex and the atmosphere is just *shivers*

Then at the end when Sam comes back injured with a broken arm and they talk in the gate room...they go to 'lunch' at the end...subtle but shippy if you're looking for it :D
21st-Jun-2006 10:57 am (UTC)
oh yeah I remember at the end there's that whole look when they're talking.
20th-Jun-2006 08:11 pm (UTC)
Not sure what ep or season its from, but when Jack asks Carter to go fishing, she says no, and then as he's leaving she jogs out of the room into the hall. Then the Asgard beam up Jack, those damn pesky aliens. :))

How about the ep(s) when Jack promotes Sam?
Those can be ship moments right?
They do smile at each other.

In Children of the Gods when Jack pushes Sam through the gate.
I don't know if that's really a shippy moment, but I thought it was cute.
21st-Jun-2006 11:12 am (UTC)
not sure about the first promotion, but the one in new order definetely.
20th-Jun-2006 08:15 pm (UTC)
S2- Out of Mind- Sam sits up in her bed thingie and Jack stares at her back, sort of floored by all the skin. Then later on he grabs her and pulls her tight against him as they hide from the Jaffa, his hand is over her mouth but then it moves more to her throat.

S3- Into the Fire (The sequel to Out of Mind) - The hug. The hug that goes on and on and on and on...
21st-Jun-2006 01:29 am (UTC)
Also, in Out of Mind, I'm pretty sure she touches his arm when she first wakes up.
20th-Jun-2006 09:01 pm (UTC)
When Jack put his hand over Sam's mouth and pulled her up against him in the ep Into The fire.
22nd-Jun-2006 05:19 am (UTC)
Season 5 shipper moments... re-reading those transcripts and trying to remember. So far I've got:

Trying to find a couple shippy moments...

-Ascension: This is subtle but I like Jack's concern for Sam in Ascension... and their conversation where he says she's tense. Oh and when Jack offers to "hang out for a while" at her house in case her ascended friend returns and then he leaves but tells her to "take care." then he's jealous when he and Teal'C show up at Carter's place and find out she might have company.

-2010 - not sure but i think the last scene is almost shippy. I can't find my Season 5 SVCDs so don't take my word for it.

- Desperate Measures - Jack shows concern for Carter being missing. This whole episode was pretty shippy compared to the rest of the season :)

- Failsafe - when the crystals explode and Sam goes down, Jack goes to her. Then when she's dizzy and stuff he catches her.

I still haven't read the last 3 episodes but that's what i came up with so far :)
22nd-Jun-2006 08:59 am (UTC)
2010 was S4, but OMG you've found some for S5! thank you! I was beginning to think TPTB forgot the season. *big hugs*
22nd-Jun-2006 08:56 am (UTC)
What about season 8's 'Gemini'!!!!!!!!!

There's the bit when Jack leans down to peer over Sam's shoulder and they both look at each other.

When replicator Sam says "there are two of us" and Jack mubmbles, "If only"

When replicator Sam is showing Sam what Fifth made her do, and how she was made to shoot up the 'gateroom' and when she confronted Jack she couldn't shoot him, and then after she did she had tears in her eyes.
22nd-Jun-2006 09:37 am (UTC)
right, thanks
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